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Morell (English)  

David Irving’s exclusive discovery of the long lost diaries of Professor Theo Morell

The Secret Diaries of Hitler’s Doctor 

Now available as a Free Download (900k) in pdf form. [Morell.pdf]


German edition:Morell (German)  

 Die geheimen Tagebücher des Dr. Morell
Leibarzt Adolf Hitlers

In the original German with all medical appendices and charts. Now available as a Free Download (1.5MB) in pdf format compressed with ZipIt. [Morell_deutsch.pdf]


For our Italian readers

Morell in Italian

L’uomo che cu rava il Führer – download the magazine excerpt of the book in Italian – pdf file, 1.8MB

(First edition published by Sidgwick & Jackson in London, 1983; this abridged edition published by Grafton Books, division of Collins Publishing, in 1990, and by Focal Point publications in 2005). This Internet version is a PDF file and needs Acrobat Reader to read it. (Use the pulldown menu above). These files are all copyright works, and it is strictly prohibited to make any commercial use of them other than for personal research or leisure reading. (Note: Your server may not permit downloads of large files.)We are indebted to Linda Nelson of Chicago for
preparing these pdf. editions of the English and German versions.See also on this website: Morell’s papers, “Die ärztliche Behandlung von Mussolini

DOCUMENTS like this book are stored on this website in Adobe Acrobat (“.pdf”) format. This format allows viewers to access documents in their original published form. To read Acrobat documents, you must have Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader: To download your free copy if you do not already have it use the menu above.Get Acrobat Reader

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It costs Mr Irving money to prepare these files, and each time you download one it costs us money too. Feel free to kick in. Use our help page to ensure we keep up this operation. If you have enjoyed a book download, what was it worth to you?click
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