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Hermann Göring -- Hitler's chosen successor, last commander of the legendary Richthofen Squadron, chief of the storm troopers and of the German Air Force, prime minister of Prussia, president of the Prussian State Council, Reich master of forestry and game, Hitler's special commissioner for the Four-Year Plan, chairman of the Reich Defense Council, Reichsmarschall of the Greater German Reich, chairman of the Scientific Research Council -- accumulated titles and power in the same single-minded and ruthless way he acquired the countless masterpieces in his legendary art collection. The story of how he did both -- and more -- is here in this ground-breaking new biography, the first since 1972 and the only one to use a critical array of new sources.

Göring was one of the twentieth century's most influential and colorful villains -- Hitler's partner and alter ego. He became head of a secret intelligence-gathering agency and was architect of the Gestapo and the concentration camp. As head of Hitler's Four-Year Plan and Nazi Germany's largest industrial conglomerate, Göring amassed incredible wealth and indulged a seemingly endless appetite for jewels, exquisite wines, and art masterpieces. He was a near transvestite, a megalomaniac, and a morphine addict who became grotesquely fat and corrupt.

Göring's personal diaries and family letters, the verbatim records of his wartime conferences, the Bormann documents found in Hitler's bunker, and six letters he wrote from his prison cell that shed light on the mystery of his death are among the impressive finds that have contributed to this completely new appraisal -- a biography that reveals the inner workings of Nazi Germany and a gripping military history that reads like a thriller.

David Irving, called "one of Britain's foremost historians" by The Times of London, has written a number of World War II histories, including The Destruction of Dresden and his most recent widely acclaimed biography, The Trail of the Fox: The Search for the True Field Marshal Rommel. He lives in London.


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