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AS A PERMANENT memorial to his oldest daughter Josephine (1963-1999), David Irving invites you to accept this Free Download of his biography of Hitler’s propaganda minister Dr Joseph Goebbels, the first work to be based on the long-lost diaries of the minister which Mr Irving retrieved from the former KGB archives in Moscow.
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 David Irving’s famous biography: Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich

is now available as a Free Download (3.5 MB) on this Website in Acrobat .pdf format  (with scanning errors)

cleaned up, corrected, Free Download as printed in 2014 (11 MB)Also a free download: The 1938 Goebbels diary first transcribed and annotated by David Irving (pdf file, 160KB)

Quick navigationMr Irving, take me to …… your free GOEBBELS download (latest edition)… your free GOEBBELS download… your free GOEBBELS 1938 diary download… today’s “AR-online” again… your main alphabetical index… your Goebbels index… news on your legal battles… you and your family… your career so far… how to buy your books… how to help your fighting fund… your publishing Home PageA Note on the Internet Edition.  This biography went through half a dozen drafts between the handwritten original and the printed book. The final typescript was completed on Sept. 7, 1994, and submitted to St Martins Press (SMP) that winter. That is the full-length text reproduced here.

After the contract was signed, the biography went through the normal editing processes, being appraised, according to SMP’s editor Thomas Dunne, by seven different editors.

At SMP’s suggestion the earlier chapters were substantially cut back in editing. In Feb. 1996 the “Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai Brith,” a New York based Jewish body, began agitating against SMP and Doubleday Inc., who had announced this work as their History Book Club selection for May 1996. The publishers initially announced that they would not surrender to the ADL intimidation, but on Apr. 6, 1996 they did just that. The book was not published in the United States. [Click for more detail].

This Internet edition is the gift of the author and his publishing imprint Focal Point to the academic and student world. We ask only that the intellectual and copyrights be respected.


Illustration from the book. Magda Goebbels’ earlier lover Haim Arlosoroff became a leading Zionist, was assassinated in Palestine in 1933 (a fascinating new website dossier)

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