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Clint Willson writes from Vernon, Illinois, Friday, July 14, 2000



Bashing Prof. Richard Evans

THANK you many times for bashing Evans. Of all the cartoon characters in your trial he was the worst and the silliest. I read his report in full. There were more errors in his first ten pages of criticism than in your entire "Göring".

I cannot get over how all these liberals and crypto-communists pretended to be incensed over your use of the word "goggle" in the Göring book. Five hundred pages of text and all they found is an adjective they didn't like.

skunkPlease, more bashing of Evans, right. I am not normally a sadist but the little twirp has it coming.

Clint Willson

David Irving responds:

WE are not bashing Evans, merely providing the material for our readers to see what kind of nonsense these "scholars" spout, when in a corner.

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