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Nicholas Hill of London knows about odd goings-on at the Wiesenthal, Saturday, March 2, 2002



The Guardian - selective about its targets

I was disturbed to read of Guardian Newspapers' campaign against you. One shouldn't be surprised at the depths certain quarters will sink to in their attempt to blacken and smear. An attempt by The Guardian to concoct a 'financial conspiracy' is all the more ironic considering they can be relied upon NEVER to comment on the financial network of the enemies of Real History.

A case in point is Gary Winnick, board member and trustee of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and also CEO and founder of the now bankrupt Global Crossing company. This colleague of the criminal financier Michael Milken borrowed $35 million in 1997 to start the business, floating it two years later and earning himself a personal wealth of £6 billion.

Winnick sold his shares before his company filed for bankruptcy this year, owing over $12 billion. Of course Winnick's personal fortune will remain untouched, whatever the outcome of the FBI's current investigation into 'financial irregularities' at Global Crossing.

This Wiesenthal trustee donated $40 million to the Center last year to fund the opening of another museum in Jerusalum -- the 'Winnick Institute', now a $120 million project. He has also given substantial funds to such savoury organisations as the Anti- Defamation League and the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces. (His company was also the largest political donor in the recent presidential election campaign, donating $2.8 million, 55 percent to Democrats and 45 percent to Republicans.)

Their money can certainly pull a curtain over the truth, but it will never destroy it.

Nicholas Hill


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