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Nick Stefanos writes from Brisbane, Australia, Wednesday, October 29, 2003 that our website is being censored there




Our website is banned from Brisbane City Council computers

I AM writing to you from Queen street mall in Brisbane, Australia. I am using the free internet connection provided by the Brisbane City Council.

I logged on successfully, read my morning news and then as I normally do, I clicked my bookmark to go to your site to see all the news from your site.

When I clicked on to "Real History" the page started to load and then I was suddenly redirected to the ABC'S Bananas in Pyjamas children's website.

I tried again and the same thing happened. I am stunned! Then I tried to do a search for "David Irving" via Google. I clicked on the link and of course I was directed straight back to the ABC children's site.

I am amazed. I was not aware the Brisbane City Council has taken upon itself to filter out certain websites.

Nick Stefanos


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