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An Australian tells us, Wednesday, November 12, 2003, more about the creeping Government censorship in his continent




More censorship in "free" Australia

FURTHER to your readers' letter about the blocking of your web site, I too have experienced this 'hidden' censorship. GoebbelsHaving forwarded some interesting articles and URL's from your site to friends (who work for various Govt and quasi govt. organisations), many have found that their access to your site was denied.

In fact, it goes further. Recently I tried to order your latest Goebbels book from the university I teach at (I did download it, but hate reading long text from the computer scrren). Not long after I made the request I was asked to attend a personal interview with the Head Librarian -- which out of fear of exposing myself to any further persecution (Australian Universities being what they are nowadays) I declined and let the request lapse.

UprisingWere you aware that Universities seem to have 'unofficially' banned or restricted access to your works?

Just finished 'Uprising'. I found this story very unnerving, particularly in the context of current world events. I can't help feel that the so-called 'Free-West' is being slowly enveloped by the same thing albeit in another guise.

Are you also aware, or have read, any of the work by American historian Anthony Sutton? Although labelled as a 'conspiracy theorist', in the context of Real History I believe he has made a valuable contribution, well worth the read. See his online books:

An Australian

P.S.: Don't you think it's a little ironic that you can't get a Visa to enter Oz to visit your daughter and lecture, and yet we can let in a known terrorist, who can work here for several months, get married, and be seen in public sparring with one of our prominent boxers/sportsman? Then our terrorist is spirited out of the country just before the story is leaked to the media. Then your old mate snakey Philip Ruddock -- who been promoted to Attorney General, starts banging the drum for tighter interrogation laws for our secret police ASIO. Very fishy.

 Nick Stefanos writes from Brisbane, Australia, that our website is being censored on city council computers there

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David Irving comments:

YES - your prime minister John Howard was just a hundred yards from here yesterday, with HM the Queen, laying a wreath. I was tempted to put on a suit like last time [Oct 23, 1997] and fake a Press pass and go and ask him how Australia's record on Freedom of Speech is doing. But I decided that since London's Finest now carry Hechler & Koch submachine guns it might be an unproductive move.

Incidentally: Hyde Park Corner was closed off for the whole morning for the brief ceremony -- one of London's major intersections. Imagine the disruption. Their Majesties arrived in closed, bullet proof, armourplated limousines. I can't remember Mr A Hitler having to be driven around his own capital in peacetime in such secure comfort. I seem to remember him standing up giving that silly little stiff-arm salute of his to the cheering crowds.


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