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Steve Wolfe writes from Australia, on Friday, February 18, 2000


QUITE by accident I came across your Webpage. I'm traveling to Germany in August, and I typed in the word "Germany" in the search engine hoping to find some touristy type stuff.

What I came across was this site. I've been reading now for about 3 and a half hours and I am stunned.

I live in Australia and so I read "The search for truth in history ". I can without hesitation say that I am ashamed to be an Aussie. My government as with most others, is pandering to the accepted non negotiable theories of dare I say 'minority' interest.

Mr Irving, I will endevour to spread to the best of my ability your plight and cause, because whether you are correct in your theories or not, nobody has the right to question YOUR RIGHT TO QUESTION I wish you all the best and I will do all can on your behalf

Good Luck, Warm regards

Steve Wolfe

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