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Frank Idzikowski writes from Illinois, USA, on Tuesday, July 11, 2000


All Spies should suffer Death Penalty

I WAS glad you posted that opinion by US Attorney Joseph DiGenova on the Jonathan Pollard case. I have always been a firm believer in the death penalty for espionage. The damage done by Pollard to our national security was enormous. His ridiculous contention that Israel was “due” this intelligence material by agreement with our nation is ludicrous.

No nation is due anything that might, in the least, be detrimental to our national security. Israel, by running Pollard and other intelligence gathering operations against US intelligence and industrial agencies proves that they cannot be trusted. I put Pollard right up with other traitors such as the Walker’s and Aldrich Ames, in terms of damage to our security interests.

Any argument that he was betraying his own nation out of the goodness of his heart and for altruistic purposes (the security of Israel), is rendered moot when it was revealed he accepted money from the Mossad. Americans betray their country for money, no other reason. And the revelation that he would have ultimately received some $500,000 proves the point. He did it for the money.

With espionage cases one can always “follow the money.” All this talk about “Israel was due this information,” and “I wanted to ensure Israel’s security,” was window dressing for the Israeli lobby who now wants him freed. Clinton doesn’t dare free Pollard for he would lose what little respect he has amongst the intelligence community and, well he cannot lose any respect amongst the military of our nation because he has none whatsoever.

I am and will remain consistent on one point: ALL Americans who betray their country should be executed. Period. This includes Aldrich Ames, all of the Walker’s, and Jonathan Pollard. Betraying your own nation is the worst crime imaginable.

Frank Idzikowski

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RadDiTrans2David Irving replied:

THE problem is that Jews have two “own nations” and they take refuge in whichever one is convenient at any given time. This dual loyalty is what makes Jewish spies such prolific traitors, as Russian intelligence experts pointed out. They can be depended on — by the enemy. Even Hitler authorized the use of Jewish agents, as Canaris’ diary (June 5, 1943) reveals: it needs no comment, this, that Jews were willing to spy for Hitler.

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