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Aldo de Pascale of New York State passes on these tidbits on Thursday, December 20, 2001



Scuttlebut on Israeli agents and the Golden Gate

I NORMALLY don’t pass along stories on the internet unless they can be independenly verified. However, this one rings true. A military officer based at Camp Pendleton in California revealed the following story:

According to this military source, the cause of the well publicised terror alert for California’s bridges that California Governor Gray Davis issued was the suspicious activity of two Middle Eastern men near the Golden Gate Bridge. Vigilant locals had reported that a group of men sharing an apartment were spending rather a lot of time on a boat in San Francisco Bay. They suspected they were drug smugglers. When their apartment was raided, the authorities discovered detailed plans of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The men claimed that they just admired the structure of the bridge. Attorney General Ashcroft and Governor Davis had doubts about their “architectural passion” and issued an alert about a plot to blow up California bridges.

We were never told what those alerts were based on, and the media hype passed as quickly as it came. According to my source, this military officer, the terror suspects were Israelis.

If this were an isolated claim, I’d dismiss it as hearsay. But when you combine this with the other verified stories about Israeli ex military personnel in the USA a rational person is compelled to ask: “What the *%!@% are all these Israelis up to?

This is why Ashcroft refuses to release the names of all those detained since September 11. Apparently, everyone in America is so petrified of being labeled “anti-semitic” that they downplay the possibility of Israeli terrorists aiding and abetting Arab terrorists. Very strange indeed.

Aldo de Pascale

[This letter has been shortened]

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