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Professor Irving Hexham of Calgary, Canada, writes on November 9, 2000 to ask



Where are Alfred Rosenberg's Papers?


NO one seems to know where the Nachlass of Alfred Rosenberg went after World War II. Since you are one of the most knowledgeable historians on the Nazi period I wonder if you can advise me where to look for Rosenberg's papers. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,



Irving Hexham, Ph.D.

Department of Religious Studies
University of Calgary


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THE Rosenberg papers, an interesting question. get hold of the typescript Werner Koeppen table talk notes which he made at Hitler's headquarters for Rosenberg. K is now dead, and the notes (200pp) are on National Archive microfilm (T84 series, or T82 I think).

As for the rest, the first place to look is the Bundesarchiv, but that stuff is well known. Address:

Postfach 320
56003 Koblenz, oder
Potsdamer Straße 1
56075 Koblenz

I am not sure if the formerly US controlled Berlin Document Center had a file of them. Those papers are on microfilm at the National Archives and the person to ask there is initially John Taylor. Mention my name.

Try too the Institut für Zeitgeschichte

Institut für Zeitgeschichte
• z. Hd. Dr Werner Röder, Archiv •
Leonrodstraße 46b
80636 München

Hans Günter Seraphim published Rosenberg's diaries in extract only, as the bulk of them went missing. He told me, as did Dr Hans Adolf Jacobsen at the Institut für Zeitgeschichte in Munich forty years ago, that they had reason to believe that the Rosenberg diaries had been stolen from Nuremberg trial archives by the late Dr Robert M W Kempner, whose wife was also a religious scholar. Kempner certainly quoted passages from the diaries in his books, which are not the Seraphim edition. I asked Kempner pointblank during a visit in the 1970s, and got the impression that the best of the stuff was safe in his New York apartment.

Where, then are the Kempner papers which may contain them? Well, have a look at my website at

and you will see that there is a real squabble brewing over them.

Finally, a California gentleman has a trunkfull of Frank, Himmler, Rosenberg and other items. I have seen them, and he may provide copies of the Rosenberg stuff to you. He is

Erich Lorenz von Benndorff
10225 Los Nopalitos
CA 92040 USA

again mention my name.

Sorry I can't be more of more help. Please keep me informed of the result of your search, particular in the Kempner direction. I myself am now working up on Himmler.

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