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posted Monday, April 30, 2007

Letters to David Irving on this Website


Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

Al Kirke reminds readers Monday, April 30, 2007 of the War Dept's excellent Pearl Harbor board of inquiry

 USS Shaw under attack at Pearl Harbor

Above: USS Shaw under attack at Pearl Harbor, December 1941

Pearl Harbor board of inquiry

THE American Army Pearl Harbor investigation was the only one well and honestly done, with testimony under oath and lawyers and a court reporter in attendance.

Click these links for the whole report and its Top Secret Addendum. The Pearl Harbor cover up has been of epic proportions.

Al Kirke


Website note: International Historic Films has an interesting video on this subject: DECEMBER 7TH: THE MOVIE (Walter Huston) USA, 1942, B&W, 82 minutes.

A correspondent writes: "This film depicting the attack on Pearl Harbor was banned by the US Government for nearly 50 years because of its finger-pointing exposure of the Government's faults. It was confiscated as damaging to morale. (A completely censored 34-minute version of the film was released in 1943 and won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Production). Co-directed by John Ford and Greg Toland; music by Alfred Newman; featuring Walter Huston and Henry Davenport. This is the complete and uncut original version."



Our dossier on Pearl Harbor

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