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Posted Sunday, November 6, 2005

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Rob Baer provides, Saturday, November 5, 2005, a different perspective on a gruesome video showing US helicopter action in Iraq

Helicopter gunship attack on Iraqis: click for video

Last seconds on this earth. One of the Iraqis moves back to his vehicle (a farm tractor and trailer?). Click or right-click image to download MPEG video (5 MB).

Helicopter attack was justified

RECENTLY one of my anti-war friends emailed me a link to your web page. She was attempting to show me how horrible the United States military is.

I replied to her with the extended version of the video, not the one you have access to, and she politely apologized. I'm sure it will only last until the next time she finds a similar write up that doesn't show all the facts.

On your website you conviently show only the last part of the video. If you would like the extended version I'd be more than happy to provide it.

It shows an exchange of a weapon, an RPG. This weapon was then placed off to the side of the road in preparation for a road side bomb. It also shows the insurgents pacing off the distance from the bomb to the road (where the first truck is, also the first one that was engaged).

You'll also hear them [the helicopter crew] waiting for permission to engage. At the end of the video, yes, it is disturbing to hear the remark to engage the wounded insurgent. But we don't know if it actually happened.

The last vehicle was engaged but it does not show the results of "Go forward of it -- hit him" all we see is the destruction of the equipment. If indeed the wounded was engaged, then that is a very sick problem and an entirely other issue.

Rob Baer (Proud American)

Robert Fisk: 'He's Wounded, - 'HIT HIM! French TV screens images of US helicopter crew killing Iraqis

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