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Gary Cartwright has a few comments on Boris Berezovsky and his relationship with fellow Russian emigre Roman Abramovitch


More on the Russia émigré millionaire mafia

NO surprise that Boris Berezovsky has been granted asylum in the UK: Most Russians claiming asylum here do so on the grounds that they are Jewish (even if they are not) and face perecution at home, an absurd claim, but who would dare say no to a Jew?

There has been evidence that Berezovsky has been feathering his nest here recently. I note that the new owner of Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovitch, (who has strong links with Berezovsky, as you will no doubt be aware) has his assets looked after by an investment fund based in Weybridge. Contrary to what his PR folk will tell anybody who makes enquiries, Berezovsky does not live in Fulham, he has recently moved to . . . Weybridge!

Draw your own conclusions!

Gary Cartwright

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