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Harold Schaffer of Los Angeles, USA, has written to a Holocaust expert Harry Mazal, but received only an evasive reply.



Those Zyklon B holes in the "gas chamber" roof

Dear Mr Mazal:

I FOLLOWED the Irving vs. Lipstadt trial in London quite closely. You made a claim that you have found three of the Zyklon B holes and are going back to find the fourth.

One of the world's formost experts on Auschwitz, Robert Jan van Pelt stated stated at the Irving trial that the Germans filled these holes with cement and they were impossible to find. Was your discovery of these holes AFTER the trial? A discovery of this magnitude will blow the revisionists out of the water!

Please tell us how you found the first three!


Dear Sir or Madam, It is not my policy to render information to anonymous posts. Our article on the subject you mention will soon appear in a prestigious journal. You may check back on our web-site in a month or two for further details. Thank you for your interest.

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FOR those who are curious, here the the details of the neutral people behind Mr Mazal: His above website is registered by the "San Antonio Area Foundation - Nizkor Fund" c/o BASIC of 600 Sandau Suite 400, San Antonio, TX 78216, in Texas, USA. The billing contact is Mr Harry Mazal of the same address: San Antonio Area Foundation - Nizkor Fund c/o BASIC, 600 Sandau, Suite 400, San Antonio, TX 78216, and their phone number is 210-377-2422. Somebody might like to check them out in more details. We will be happy in the spirit of openness to post all that we are told of these people. It is the old Nizkor gang at work again.

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