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Michael Cooper asks about the Zionist lover of Magda Goebbels, Sunday, May 11, 2003



More about Magda Goebbels' Zionist lover?

YOUR scholarship is monumental. Is there any evidence that the murder of Haim Arlosoroff was arranged by Joseph Goebbels because of the affair with Magda? And if so, any evidence that Goebbels used the services of Revisionist Zionists? Would most appreciate any insights. With many thanks

Michael Cooper


Magda Goebbels' lover Haim Arlosoroff became leading Zionist, was assassinated in Palestine (dossier)
Magda Goebbels's stepfather Robert Friedländer died in Nazi Camp Buchenwald

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Irving David Irving replies:

Thanks for the compliment. Israeli scholars have suggested that Goebbels sent torpedoes to get rid of the rival suitor. I think that far fetched. I have seen no evidence in his diaries that he was even aware of Arlosoroff's subsequent existence.

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