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Is the study of Anne Frank relevant to modern historians? Aubrey Soper, Sunday, October 9, 2005, disagrees with Mr Irving

Is Anne Frank's diary relevant?

IN YOUR recent group of questions and answers for a magazine in Athens, you included the statement that "[Anne Frank's diary] is a distraction, a diversion."

Controversy about this diarist resulted in our finding out the name of the man who arrested her family, the date, the first camp the family was shipped to, the number of the train that transported her family east, etc. Without the weight of her fame having been applied to extricate such information, we wouldn't know that somewhere detailed records of what really happened exist.

Aubrey Soper


Our dossier on the Anne Frank diaries
Alasdair Spark contributes his two ha'porth on Anne Frank's controversial use of ballpoint pens in writing her diary
Samples of Anne Frank's handwriting for readers to ponder on:

 Anne Frank's alleged handwriting samples

The above text, dated Jun 1942, is the epigraph to the "Anne Frank Diary"; the text below, dated Oct 1942, is her inscription on the back of a photo. -- Amsterdam, we have a problem.


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