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North Shore News, Vancouver BC
Vancouver, BC, March 3, 1997

Liberal voters beware

Dear Editor:

Anyone who was at the Ted White-organized meeting with the Block Quebecois MP or saw the replays on Rodgers Channel 4 of that meeting would realize that Warren Kinsella's question at that meeting was self-serving, politically motivated and most of all out of order, as he did not address himself to the topic of the meeting.

Ted White had the perfect right to silence him, particularly with the audience backing him up.

Kinsella's action at that meeting belies his statement, that only after that meeting he decided to run for the Liberal party. His arrogant past public behavior clearly mirrors the federal Liberal party in statements and actions; voters beware.

I also found it odious to see the swastika draped over our Maple Leaf on Kinsella's book.

Do we need this kind of fear-mongering introduced into the coming election campaign? With his statements he has already alienated the largest part of this North Shore federal riding. Again, voters beware!

Hans Gawenda
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