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North Shore News, Vancouver BC
Vancouver, BC, May 26, 1999

Kinsella an 'opportunist'

Dear Editor:

I was visiting your beautiful city this past week and in the April 18 edition of the North Shore News there was an advertisement advocating 10 reasons why to vote Liberal. While those issues are not of importance to me, on the bottom of the page in tiny print was a far more ominous reason which made me decide why I will not be voting Liberal in this election and why I think the particular Liberal candidate should never be elected to the supreme law-making body of this land.

That statement read:

"The Warren Kinsella campaign neither condones nor advocates the editorial views taken by some of this paper's columnists."

What's this? We have someone running for public office in Canada who is against free speech? If I am not mistaken, Mr. Kinsella is the author of a book that illustrates the evils of dogmatic groups. Despite his claim to being a Liberal, I would argue that no real Liberal would ever be against the right of free speech -- no matter how misguided.

But I guess Mr. Kinsella believes that what he thinks is right and wrong is far more important than contrary opinions. As a former naval officer who was ultimately charged with defending our country's laws and individuals' rights, I would suggest that Mr. Kinsella is an opportunist.

Kate Dickman

Beaver Falls, B.C.
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