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North Shore News, Vancouver BC
Vancouver, BC, May 26, 1997

Tactics offend voter

Dear Editor:

I am rarely moved to write a letter to the editor, but the campaign tactics used by Warren Kinsella's supporters (and presumably by himself) have pushed my button.

I'm 66, and I've voted Liberal nearly all my life (except one disastrous episode when I voted for a Mulroney conservative).

Normally, I would vote for the Liberal candidate in North Vancouver without giving it a second thought. However, in seeing and hearing the smear campaign being waged by the Kinsella camp against Ted White, I am so sickened by the tactics that there is no way I'll vote for Kinsella.

He clearly does not have even the minimal personal characteristics to represent me in Parliament, or anywhere else.

I do not believe that the Reform party platform, nor its avowed policies with regard to gun control, immigration, and numerous other topics, is good for Canada.

Nor do I agree with some of the positions taken by White himself. However, I do believe White has made an honest effort to represent all constituents, not just Reformers, in this riding in the best way he knows how.

Whatever he may have said or done in his less-mature years, he now appears to be a fairly reasonable middle-of-the-road politician who honestly is trying to do right by all of us, according to the will of the majority.

My advice to Kinsella and his supporters is to forget White's past, whatever it may have been. The past is past. What is important now is the present and the future.

I will not vote for anyone who thinks the way to win an election is to make his opponent look worse than he/she is.

I want a representative who can show me what he/she can and will do for us that will be beneficial, looking forward to the next term of office -- in other words, deal with the issues that are important to us, give me something positive to vote for, rather than try to convince me that I should vote against someone who seems to have been doing a very reasonable job.

Bill Tracey, North Vancouver
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