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Warren Kinsella complains about our Website:

Without Prejudice

Thursday, February 25, 1999

Dear Sirs:

I am Warren Kinsella, and the person referred to on your web site, "David Irving's Action Report."

On that web site, you make numerous statements about me which are false, malicious and defamatory. In particular, you headline one item with an assertion that I "libelled" an individual and "paid for it." As you are perhaps aware, the determination that I libelled the person in question could only be made by a court. Given that the action in question never made it to trial, this allegation made by you is false and harmful to my reputation. Moreover, your statement that I, Warren Kinsella, "paid" for this "libel" is also false and defamatory. I have not paid any damages, or any other amount, whatsoever to the individual in question.

Additionally, you have posted on your web site a letter by Douglas Collins that is wildly defamatory of me, and which divulges information relating to the above-noted action which the plaintiff and his counsel had undertaken to keep strictly confidential. I therefore require that you provide any information you possess relating to this breach of contract.

I look forward to your prompt response, or to that of your solicitors.

Yours very truly,
Warren Kinsella

David Irving replies (Thursday, February 25, 1999):

To: WARREN KINSELLA of Suite 3800, 200 Bay Street, South Tower, Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5J 2J7

Key West, Florida, Thursday, February 25, 1999

Dear Mr Kinsella,

I have received your message. Is it not true that on July 20, 1998 your publisher HarperCollins settled out of court a libel action arising from your book Web of Hate with a substantial payment, as stated in the items on our FPP Website at this URL:


If there is any substantive inaccuracy in the above statement, or in either of these two items, please establish to our satisfaction what the correct text should be and we will make the necessary emendations. This is an open letter.

We have received a considerable response to our Internet appeal for information on your career.

Yours sincerely
David Irving

Warren Kinsella responds, Thursday, February 25, 1999:

Without Prejudice

Thursday, February 25, 1999

Dear Sirs:

Neither my publisher, nor I, paid any damages whatsoever to Mr. Rocan. Any sums paid to bring the nuisance suit to a close were paid by my publisher's insurer.

Your web site remains factually inaccurate and libelous. You are entitled to describe this exchange as "open" but your solicitor will of course remind you that any republication or amplification of a libel merely increases the damages to which a defendant is entitled.

In addition, your response to my letter of yesterday's date does not disclose the source of the information whose publication amounts to a breach of a settlement contract, and possibly a breach of a solicitor's undertaking made by your Mr. Christie. I therefore reiterate this demand, and remind you that I have brought your conduct to the attention of solicitors in Britain.

I expect to see the necessary modifications, and responses, very shortly. I thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours very truly,
Warren Kinsella

Note: This matter is now closed. The information relied upon was not of course provided to this Website by Mr Douglas Christie, a Canadian barrister of high integrity.

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For the purposes of this action Mr Irving would welcome informed opinions on Warren Kinsella, and facts about him, from his hundreds of Canadian friends.