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 Posted Friday, June 11, 1999

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Alberta Report
Alberta, Canada, June 14, 1999

"Something to consider as we celebrate the completion of Hitler's work in the Balkans."

-Kevin Michael Grace, Alberta Report, June 14, 1999




by Kevin Michael Grace


"To everything there is a season: a time for war, a time for peace; a time to wring hands, and a time to gloat," declares Colonel Andrew Coyne in the June 4 National Post. Every day is a good day to gloat when you toil on behalf of the New World Order, but we should not begrudge Col. Coyne his happiness.

Yugoslavia has been bombed, if not back to the Stone Age, then at least back to the Polyester Age; and, "A great victory has been won: for Nato, and for the principles for which it fought." It is also, Mr. Coyne avers, a great defeat for Slobo and for those creeps and pansies that insisted on wringing their hands at the slaughter of people with whom we had no quarrel.


The War of Clinton's Pants was a damned close-run thing, and earlier in the campaign there was much wringing of hands among the wing commanders on the Post's editorial staff. They wanted desperately to be onside (as Madeleine Albright says,"What's the point of having this superb military that you're always talking about if we can't use it?"), but Nato had done a poor job of explaining its "exit strategy" and was proving reluctant to "crush Serb skulls," as neoconservative capo William Kristol so delightfully put it.

But as the Post explains in a June 4 editorial, an "exit strategy" is at hand:

"Many of Kosovo's 200,000 Serbs assisted the brutal ejection of their ethnic Albanian neighbours. Fearing indiscriminate payback when the Albanians return, they may well flee northward. And this reverse ethnic cleansing will effectively undermine Serbia's claim to the province. A referendum of the type provided in the Rambouillet accord may prove quite unnecessary to decide Kosovo's future."

Just so.

Thus the "great victory" Col. Coyne heralds is a belated triumph for German diplomacy -- 1940s' German diplomacy, that is. Serbs were a majority in Kosovo until the Second World War, when our gallant Albanian allies threw in their lot with the SS. In the 1970s their descendants in the KLA (that "Muslim drug gang," as Paul Craig Roberts notes) further undermined Serbia's claim to the province when they began shooting Serbian policemen and raping Serbian women. But history is for losers.


Question: Who wrote the following?

"[The war is] a chance for the proponents of multiculturalism to enforce their liberal chimera with guns and bombs... If Nato wins, the military-industrial complex can rub its blood-stained hands with glee, while the mothers weep and babies die." Was it (a) Paul Craig Roberts (b) Llewellyn Rockwell Jr. (c) Justin Raimondo (d) None of the above? Answer: d. As Jean Chretien's former puppetmaster Warren Kinsella reveals in the June 1 Post, it was German national and anti-Semitic pamphleteer Ernst Zündel.

Mr. Kinsella characterizes Mr. Zündel's statement as "melodramatic," and, we know, only creeps and pansies wring their hands at the massacre of innocents. But Mr. Kinsella's "Gotcha!" proves only that a broken clock (or a broken record, in Mr. Zündel's case) is right twice a day.

So Mr. Zündel, David Irving and other Holocaust revisionists opposed the war. Your point being? Mr. Kinsella explains, "The fact Western leaders have pointed to the lessons of the Holocaust as a historical rationale for the Nato effort has rendered the far right apoplectic. Just as they know the reputation of National Socialism cannot be rehabilitated while a crime as monstrous as the Holocaust continues to be associated with Naziism, the leaders of the far right are certainly aware that oratory that draws parallels between Adolf Hitler and Slobodan Milosevic is unhelpful to their cause." Take that Michael Bliss and Michael Harris!

Many prominent Jewish columnists also opposed the war: David Frum, Mona Charen and Don Feder, to name just three. Are they neo-Nazis? Even Warren Kinsella doesn't believe that. Consider this a shot across the bow: oppose the New World Order's bloody campaign on behalf of a Muslim drug gang, and you are Enemies of the State.


The cover of the January 1--February 15 issue of Outlook (published by the Canadian Jewish Outlook Society) features portraits of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. Its lead article is entitled, "The Communist Manifesto: Still Solid After All These Years." On page 30 there is an article by Harry Abrams ("businessman and Jewish Human Rights Activist") entitled, "Why I Took Doug Collins and the North Shore News to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal." So if we use Mr. Kinsella's syllogism, may we conclude that Canada's anti-free speech campaign is a commie plot? Something to consider as we celebrate the completion of Hitler's work in the Balkans.

If you write to a newspaper don't forget: 1. keep it short; 2. add your mail address and a daytime telephone number; they will not print it otherwise.

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