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Penguin Books Ltd and Deborah Lipstadt

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In 1993 American scholar Deborah Lipstadt published Denying the Holocaust, product of a research contract funded by an Israeli agency.

British writer David Irving claims that it libels him.



Index on Warren Kinsella


Warren Kinsella (20.7.00) and the new tone of Canadian politics: "Soak it, fatso"
Toronto Smearmonger Kinsella Outlives his Welcome
North Shore News, Vancouver, Aug 3, 1994, Douglas Collins article, "Rot about the Far Right"
North Shore News, Vancouver, Mar 30, 1997, "Liberal voters beware" (reader's letter)
North Shore News, Vancouver, May 5, 1997, Editorial, "A sticky stumble"
North Shore News, Vancouver, May 19, 1997,"Campaign sleaze hits new low," by Noel Wright
North Shore News, Vancouver, May 26, 1997, "Tactics offend voter" (reader's letter)
North Shore News, Vancouver, May 26, 1997, "Kinsella an 'opportunist'" (reader's letter)
CNews Politics, Inside Ottawa, Apr 28, 1998: Richard Cleroux: "KINSELLA LEARNS INTERNET LESSON"
Free Speech Monitor, Sep 1998: "Kinsella Retracts Smear of Rocan" | Kinsellas's response to this
National Post editorial, Jan 7, 1999: "Freedom Number One"
Kinsella's witness statement for Deborah Lipstadt, Jan 1999
Canadian hate-expert Kinsella rattles rusty sabre at us, Feb 1999
National Post Toronto, Feb 9, 1999: Douglas Collins' and other readers' letters about Kinsella
National Post Toronto,Jun 1, 1999: Far right's opposition to Bombing of Kosovo
Kevin Michael Grace on Victory in the Balkans, Jun 14, 1999 article in Alberta Report (mentioining Kinsella, Irving, Zündel)
Kevin Michael Grace asks in B C Report, Oct 11, 1999: "Is Warren Kinsella a person or a co0mputer virus?"

 Further items on Mr Kinsella:
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For the purposes of this action Mr Irving would welcome informed opinions on Warren Kinsella, and facts about him, from his hundreds of Canadian friends.