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The PQ.l7 Libel Action, 1970

Captain J E Broome, vs. Cassell & Co Ltd and David Irving

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PQ.17 bookCaptain J E Broome, DSO, RN, the escort commander in this 1942 North Russian convoy disaster, sued David Irving in libel after the publication by Cassell and Co. Ltd. of this book in October 1968. The case came to trial in February 1970; after seventeen days the Jury awarded Broome what was then one of the largest sums of damages, including punitive damages, in history.



Learning about how the brothers Winn set up Captain Jack Broome to Sue

A Letter from David Irving to his Solicitor, January 12, 1971


12th January, 1971


Dear Miss Alexander,


A note on the background of the Broome Action.

This evening I had to tea Mr John Barry. Barry is a member of the Sunday Times "Insight" Team. After a time we came on the subject of the PQ.17 Libel Action, and since he at once stated that he was fully aware of the background of the case, I asked him what he meant and why.

Barry stated that the object of the case was purely to get revenge on me, and that it was not Broome's idea. He had, he said, talked about it with Norman Denning (Vice-Admiral Sir Norman Denning) and in the course of that conversation Denning had told him that "they" had also approached him and asked for him to join in the plot. I asked who "they" were, and Barry said that Denning had talked of "the Winns" -- the Lord Justice and brother Godfrey.

Denning had continued in the conversation by adding that he had rejected their request. Up to that time I had not myself mentioned the Winns, or Godfrey, in conversation with John Barry,

Yours sincerely,

(David Irving)


Miss M. Alexander,
Rubinstein, Nash & Co.,
6 Raymond Buildings,
Grays Inn,
London WC1

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