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The PQ.l7 Libel Action, 1970

Captain J E Broome, vs. Cassell & Co Ltd and David Irving

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PQ.17 bookCaptain J E Broome, DSO, RN, the escort commander in this 1942 North Russian convoy disaster, sued David Irving in libel after the publication by Cassell and Co. Ltd. of this book in October 1968. The case came to trial in February 1970; after seventeen days the Jury awarded Broome what was then one of the largest sums of damages, including punitive damages, in history.

 David Irving writes to a director of Cassell & Co refuting smear-stories carried in The Daily Mail and Private Eye


Private Eye were publishing anonymously smear materials peddled to them by Michael Sissons, the effete, pink-bloused literary agent (A D Peters Ltd) whom Mr Irving had snubbed in 1960.

24th February 1969

Dear Kenneth,

THANK YOU for your letter of 21st. As you will I see from my enclosure, I am just off to Germany and America for three weeks, but I will let you see the "Milch" chapters [THE RISE AND FALL OF THE LUFTWAFFE] etc. upon my return (I am taking them with me).

2. You asked whether I was acting over the Private Eye articles. The first of the two articles seemed to me to be quite funny and not damaging, although it was erroneous in several aspects. The second of the two articles was completely unexpected and in my view very libellous, as it was clearly malicious and inaccurate in many respects. I took action over the original Daily Mail story (1959) when it was repeated in the Daily Sketch in April 1963 , and this has prevented the more reputable newspapers from retailing what is clearly the handiwork of an imaginative Daily Mail journalist. After the second article I asked Michael Rubinstein to proceed against Private Eye, not for damages but for a correction and apology. He advised me to wait a few weeks as they were at the time involved in action from two The People journalists.

I was particularly incensed by the allegation that A.D. Peters rejected THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN because I am a fascist. This one I can disprove: it was I who withdrew the book from Peters when they made unpleasant remarks about me. I am enclosing a letter I wrote them at the time.[*]


Yours sincerely,

[David Irving]


Kenneth Parker, Esqre.


[* Not posted on this site].

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