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Helping a Cowardly Publishing Firm to Conceal their Treachery

IN MARCH 1998 this Website posted certain documents about David Irving and his U.K. publishers Macmillan Ltd. These revealed that, coming under political pressure in 1992, Macmillan's had secretly ordered the destruction of all his books. Just like the Nazis in 1933. Lawyers acting for The Observer newspaper and author Gitta Sereny immediately called upon him to remove these documents from his Website. He complied and apologised. They are now dissatisfied.

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Lovell White Durrant to David Irving, May 25, 1998:-

WE WRITE further to your letter dated 14 May 1998 and, in particular, the final three paragraphs.

We have noted that you have now removed from your website the reproductions of the contents of the documents which were disclosed by our clients to you and which we referred in our letter dated 14 may 1998.

However, you have not removed the index which describes these documents, nor have you removed the final paragraph of the article "A British Publisher's Betrayal of their Author" which summarises their contents. [WEBSITE COMMENT: This is now the penultimate paragraph, set in bold face].

Both the index and the paragraph referred to involve a use of the documents disclosed in this action other than for the proper purpose of conducting your own case.

Accordingly, you are still acting in the breach of the implied undertaking relating to documents obtained on discovery, and we must insist that you remove forthwith the index and paragraph referred to, and make no further reference on your web site to the documents concerned.

Unless you do so, our clients will have little alternative but to consider taking appropriate proceedings against you.

Yours faithfully.... ETC.

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