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Letter of Austrian Government to Australian Embassy in Vienna

March 10, 1994


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Fax 11 Mar '94 14:14-Australian Embassy Vienna
Republic of Austria

Federal Ministry of Justice


File No.0.21703/2-IV 1/94

Australian Embassy
in Vienna

With reference to the note verbale of 4 March 1994 the Federal Ministry of Justice advises that the Province Court for the City of Vienna issued an arrest warrant against David IRVING on 8 November 1989 and forwarded it to the Austrian Security Service. The arrest warrent for the above named was put into force on 9 November 1989. The arrest warrant could not be executed. The Federal Ministry of Justice has not been informed of the entry into Austria of David IRVING after the arrest warrant was issued.

The Federal Ministry of Justice would like to take this opportunity to present its compliments.

10 March 1994

For the Federal Minister


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