Posted Thursday, December 9, 2004

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris


On March 23, 1962 David Irving visited by appointment, and interviewed, Marshal of the RAF Sir Arthur Harris (above left; also known as "Bomber," "Butcher," and "Bert"), at his country home at Goring, in Oxfordshire, England. A full contemporary note on their conversation is deposited in the Sammlung Irving at the Institut für Zeitgeschichte in Munich. Afterwards, Harris wrote a handwritten letter to Mr Irving praising his book on The Destruction of Dresden and stating that he was one of the few writers he would trust.
   In that interview, incidentally, Mr Irving put to "Bomber" Harris the oft-posed question, why he had not bombed the Nazi slave-labour camp at Auschwitz. His answer: "If I were a prisoner in Auschwitz, and had a choice between death by poison gas and being burned alive by incendiary bombs, I know which I would choose."

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