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posted Wednesday, March 17, 2004

 [Oxford Mail, Dec 16, ?, 1929]

 Setting out on Antarctic Voyage (picture)


Big Send-off From London To-day.


WHEN the Discovery II. sailed from London docks this morning for her three years cruise of the Antarctic she had on board a representative of Oxford in the person of Lieut.-Commander John C. Irving, RN.

Lieut.-Commander Irving is the second son of Mr. John Irving, headmaster of SS. Mary and John School. He received his initial training on H.M.S. Worcester as a cadet, receiving his commission in 1914, when he served in the North Sea patrol and also in the Mediterranean and the Baltic.

Since he left the Navy in 1922 he has been engaged in literary work, and is the author of the well known book, "The Coronel and the Falklands." He has also contributed articles on yachting to various periodicals.

Valuable Work.

Lieut.-Commander Irving has done valuable work in charting the sunken creeks of the South and East coasts of England.

Oxford will wish this old boy of the City of Oxford School every success in his adventurous cruise.

The Discovery II., the new sailing ship designed for investigating the whaling industry in the Antarctic, will be away for three years.

Hundreds of People gathered to witness the departure of the vessel and after two hours' skilful manœuvring she was steered into the Thames, where much larger crowds were watching.

As the ship glided from her berth girls crowded to the windows of the factories overlooking the dock and waved good-bye to the crew'.

One very pretty girl, more daring than the rest, climbed out on to a ledge and shouted "A Merry Christmas next week," and the sailors responded with a cheer.



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Picture: "The crew of the Discovery II ... giving the Duke of Gloucester three cheers during the inspection of the vessel, which leaves London shortly for the Antarctic"

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