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Hitler's fender-bender

Sunday, April 9, 2000  


THE American Internet auction house eBay is offering (Item #301660102, reserve price $1,675.00) an unusual signed Hitler document which appears to be authentic. On October 17, 1930 Hitler's motor insurance company settled his claim for damage caused on March 13, 1930, to his Mercedes motor car.

The seller states in an exuberant note: "I got this document last weekend in Germany, it is truly a unique one!! A contact in Germany had a call from a man who worked for a leading German insurance firm. They were clearing out old records and he found this document. It was subsequently sold to my contact and then to me. The document is the acknowledgement returned by Adolf Hitler after he received money from the insurance company for the repair of his car after an auto accident in 1930. The document mentions the accident and repair to his 1925 Mercedes saloon !! I guess he was driving when it happened!!"


David Irving states: A cursory inspection of the document , particular of the ancient typewriter used and the style of Hitler's signature and the handwritten date, confirms that it is probably authentic. Much depends on the integrity of the source from which the American purchaser obtained it. Provenance is all, as the buyers of the famous "Hitler Diaries": learned to their cost in 1983.

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