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The 1912-1913 paintings of Adolf Hitler
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Posted Thursday, April 11, 2002

Rare Hitler Paintings sold

THIRTY years ago a British collector obtained four paintings executed by the young Adolf Hitler from two different sources, and these are now offered for sale. Hitler gave two of the paintings to Helen Schwaiger, the waitress at the Munich restaurant at which he regularly ate during his first Munich period, 1913-1914, in payment of his tab; she "earned" altogether 21 paintings by Hitler in this way. [See expert report by Prof. Ernst Wilkinghoff: Facsimile in German | translation | There is also an expertise from Kunsthistoriker Dr K Exner].

One was purchased from a British auction house. Their authenticity is vouched for, and the paintings are accompanied by the usual documents describing their provenance.


Size: 10 x 14cm

Am Marienplatz, München


Size: 17 x 23cm
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Above: Franziskanerplatz Wien, 1912.* (Sold 18.4.02 at asking price, £10,000)

Size: 11 x 16cm

Marienplatz, München

Size: 13 x 20cm

Above: Two exquisite pen-and-ink and watercolour sketches on card framed together, in one frame, to be sold as one item, offers of £10,000 invited. Both initialled "A.H. 1913" (Both sold 28.1.03 at £3,000 each)

Above: signed by "A.H. 1913," pen and ink sketch. (Sold 28.9.02 at £3,000)

Update: All the above items were sold at the full asking price to three different collectors between April 2002 and January 2003


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* THE previous owner Margarete Mayer typed this declaration on the back: "Hiermit bestätige ich, daß das umseitig wiedergegebene Bild nach einem Original-Aquarell von Adolf Hitler, darstellend den Franziskanerplatz in Wien, Papier 23x17cm, aus dem Besitz meines verstorbenen Gatten Johann Hubert Mayer, Oberstleutnant a.D. stammt. Soviel mir bekannt ist, gelangte das Blatt in den Kriegstagen direkt von berufener Seite in den Besitz meines Gatten. Margarete Mayer, M.P."
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