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 Posted Sunday, July 7, 2002

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Updated Saturday, April 7, 2007

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Sir Ian Kershaw
[The conformist historian]

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... and see A Radical's Diary: February 14, June 18, 2002


Reviews of Prof. Kershaw's books:

N Y Times, Dec 10, 2000: "In Volume II of his biography, Ian Kershaw shows that Hitler had the perfect personality for a cult leader"
The Observer, Oct 15, 2000: "Ian Kershaw reveals a Führer who was a clinically insane monster but a dull amateur with bad breath in Hitler 1936-45"
The Times, Sep 27, 2000: Hitler's last days: Hitler screamed: "You have all betrayed me"
Ha'aretz, Feb 8, 2004: "What Daddy wanted"


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