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"In other countries ..."

What Roosevelt's private staff thought of his entourage


Unfinished portrait of Roosevelt, April 1945; he died the day after this sitting.

Extract from the diary of William D. Hassett, White House secretary: (Hassett was tall and scholarly, wore wire-framed spectacles.)


May 7, 1944, Sunday:

"To the White House this morning to greet the President on his return from the South. ... The Boss paid a heavy penalty in accepting Bernie Baruch's hospitality. Bernie added himself to the household and so was there most of the month FDR spent in South Carolina. That will make Bernie an important personage when the newspaper stories are released. He planned it that way - -

"The punishment the President takes. In another country, after the circumcision, they throw the Jew away."

This unpublished handwritten diary entry was transcribed by David Irving on May 29, 1980 at the FDR Library, Hyde Park, NY. For the latent anti-Semitism of the Roosevelt era, see Anti Defamation League called FDR's regime Anti-Semitic

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