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Anti-Semitism was Prevalent in the British Ruling classes


Lord Halifax was Viceroy of India; British foreign secretary until late 1940; then U.K. ambassador in Washington until the end of WW.II

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References in the diaries of Lord Halifax

(Univ. of York, Borthwick Institute: Hickleton Papers, Lord Halifax, file A7.8.3).

Jan 29, 1942: Antisemitic remarks by Lord Halifax about Jews: the Jewish stereo-type described,;

Jul 26, 1942, selling a farm to a Mr Rosenbaum; Sep 13, 1942, 'She [Mrs Ryan] struck me as quite pleasant but I should guess was evidently a Jewess.'

September 4, 1942 the Polish ambassador in Washington visited Halifax, and 'produced an awful report about the Germans exterminating all the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto at the rate of 100,000 a month. They are supposed to make various things they want out of the boiled down corpses. I wonder whether this horror is true. A good deal more likely to be true, I fancy, than it was in the last war.'

[See reference to the resulting report to the Foreign Office, London]

September 23, 1942: 'In the course of the morning the Jews appeared in the persons of Rabbi Wise and another, whose talk was exactly like that of a stage Jew. Although the matters they talked about were grim enough, it was all I could to to keep a straight face when he chipped in. They gave a terrible picture of what the Germans were doing with Jews -- deporting them from the west in truck loads literally to kill. If this is true, how vile it is of Laval to hand any more poor wretches over.'

October 1, 1942 Two visitors, 'both very semitic.' Also, Jews not allowed to hunt in Virginia: 'If a Jew were to come out hunting, it would be intimated to him that he had better go home!!!'

January 19, 1943, 'an awful luncheon [at the Jewish Hospital] with all the Jews, who were terribly Jewish.'

January 27, 1943. Of a British evening at the Jewish community centre in Washington Halifax wrote on: 'It was a very complete collection of Semites, but they were all very kind.'

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