Posted Saturday, September 16, 2000

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The Not So Independent


London, Sunday September 17, 2000

History repeats itself for Irving as Tolstoy threatens action


By Sophie Goodchild,
Home Affairs Correspondent


DAVID Irving, the right-wing historian dubbed an anti-semite and a racist by a High Court Judge, is facing his second major legal battle in a year. Count Nikolai Tolstoy, great nephew of the author of War and Peace, and no stranger to the law courts himself, is threatening action, claiming his reputation has been tarnished after being linked to a revisionist conference organised and hosted by Mr Irving. [...].

WE regret that by letter dated Tuesday, December 12, 2000 a Ms. Louise Hayman, the head of legal services at The Independent newspaper, requested that this article be removed from this website. In an email to mr Irving on December 10, 2000 Count Tolstoy dismissed the entire story as a pack of lies anyway. We have adjusted the masthead accordingly.


REAL HISTORY USA 1999 INVITED Nikolai Tolstoy on August 24 1999 to address the Cincinnati conference, and he accepted on August 31, 1999 in writing, subject to a prior engagement in Russia having fallen through as he believed it had. When the Russian engagement went ahead at the last moment, he had to drop out. The invitation was renewed this year in good time. Pending his confirmation that he would speak at Real History USA 2000 we announced in February that we had again invited Tolstoy, and I mentioned it to him at a dinner at The Reform in April. The "anti-fascist" sheet Searchlight published an intemperate attack on Mr Tolstoy for this. Four months later, after reminders from us on May 13 and August 2 about the arrangements, Mr Tolstoy wrote that he could not come to Cincinnati after all; as we informed him that day, August 22, we at once removed his name from the speakers list and replaced it with others of equal distinction.

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