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Subj: RE: Cincinnati 2000
Date: Thursday, August 24, 2000 5:15:43 pm
From: [email protected]


Dear David

No, I can assure you there was no reason for the delay in replying, beyond the fact that all my correspondence has fallen horribly behind. I do apologize for it:

I certainly don't want to make any further issue about your publishing your invitation to me, but I think it must be on your Website. As I explained, I tried to access it myself, but proving too incompetent got a friend to do so. He faxed me the relevant section, which was a page describing your forthcoming conference, including the statement that I was invited.

It did not say I was attending - that needless to say was invented by Searchlight. I hope all goes well. I should add that everything here has got so on top of me it is very difficult to accept any invitations abroad. Last year I was in Russia, but there I can combine an engagement with work in the archives.

Best wishes,


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