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USA, West Coast, Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Dear Nikolai

In fact I was about to write to you within the next hour to ask for a reply to the emails and letters I have sent you over the last weeks and months renewing our invitation to speak at Cincinnati.

Obviously I have to plan far ahead for such a major function, and you were kind enough to agree to attend last year (but you had to withdraw at the last moment when the Russians laid prior claim to you, I recall).

The current publicity about the function merely states that we have invited you to speak, which is true. Pending your final acceptance, -- and you did not indicate that you could not accept -- we were not able to say more of course, which is why I sent you the several reminders: I appreciate you will have wanted to keep options open, but as the principal organizer of the event I could not.

I have to make bookings, print publicity, purchase airline tickets for the speakers, etc. I also have to find alternative speakers when any drop out.

Was there some reason for your rather protracted delay in replying -- it rather threw us, I have to admit. I can confirm that we shall not extend this invitation again, as we have to make firm arrangements very far ahead. It was a rather discouraging experience, although I appreciate that you have other matters on your plate at present (as do we all).

yours sincerely

David Irving


[Tolstoy's reply]

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