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August 2, 2000


David Irving to Count Tolstoy


I SEE that you have resumed the attack on Lord Aldington; I think that our opponents are foolish to underestimate the tenacity of writers!

I have long recovered from the initial setback of the Great Lipstadt Trial. The outcome was very shocking, and I have received letters from High Court judges, whom I know in private, saying they are mystified at Gray's findings. You of course would not be, having experienced him in the flesh already. He foolishly told the press he had already begun writing his judgment weeks before the trial ended. You might like to pass around your friends the word that the moneys paid to the expert witnesses were as follows (in pounds): Professor Van Pelt £109,244.24, Funke £92,557.94, Longerich £76,195.25, Evans £70,181, and Browning a (relatively) modest £27,632.12. Gentlemen and scholars all!

That is just one of the lesser grounds of our appeal, which is being lodged with the High Court this afternoon. That will be a very nasty shock to my opponents. It is a very powerful appeal, alleging bias in the Judge and the witnesses, and a total misreading of the documents. I have engaged very good Counsel this time round, as it is all Law from here on. I am very sorry that Goldsmiths had to drop out, as I liked Sarah Lee a lot, really did.

Now to the main point of this letter: Last year as you know we held a very good private conference on Real History attended by 120 people at a luxury hotel in Cincinnati, which city is to be our centre for this annual event. This year's event will be from September 22-24. I would again like to invite you to come over at my expense for a day and speak informally for an hour on the Macmillan/Aldington/Cossacks/Trial subject -- which is a matter of intense interest to me. We will pay you a [...] fee or the equivalent in pounds, and all your reasonable expenses. You could fly out on Friday and return Sunday night, for instance. As I said before, you will rub shoulders with a number of wealthy people, many of whom will certainly contribute large checks to your fighting fund, as they have to mine.

We have a dozen other speakers, including no lunatics; no Holocaust revisionism. I have invited Prof. [...], who wrote me a very warm letter during the trial (as did many other academics). We shall be hearing John Sack, who wrote "Eye for an Eye". You may know Kimberley Cornish, who wrote the book on Hitler and Wittgenstein which attracted reviews last year. He is coming from Australia at my invitation. (I just mailed him the air ticket today). The press and media are not invited, in fact they are firmly excluded; this year we expect 200 to 300 attendees, and as a special treat I have invited everybody to a dinner aboard a riverboat as it paddles up the Ohio River and back. If you have any questions, you can email me or phone me at [...] until mid August (please keep the latter number confidential for security reasons: that nice Prof. Lipstadt has issued a fatwah in ritual Hebrew against me, calling me "Amalek" in speeches in Tel Aviv and elsewhere).

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