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ONE of the most interesting characters in the history of the Third Reich and the Holocaust is the SS judge Konrad Morgen, now deceased, who maintained a flourishing business after the war in Frankfurt.

The interest in him derives from his honesty: charged by the SS legal authorities (Kriegsgericht) to inspect conditions in the concentration camps including Buchenwald an Auschwitz, he came up with disturbing findings, which resulted inter alia in the execution of the Buchenwald commandant Koch in front of his own prisoners by the SS.


  • Extracts from Transcript of John Toland's interview with Konrad Morgen at Frankfurt am Main, October 25, 1971
  • Letter from Konrad Morgen to David Irving, answering queries, July 10, 1974
    Saturday, April 22, 2000

    Richard Doetkott <[email protected]>
    Organization: Chapman University

    Dear Mr. Irving

    I am working on a long project involving the life of Konrad Morgen. I have access of course to all the official documents I need, but I am looking to contact any family members that might give me more of a feeling for the man. I wonder if you could give me a lead in that direction?

    I would be most grateful for anything you could do in this regard of a general or specific nature. I know you are extremely busy and I hesitate to bother you but I am drawing blank after blank.

    I won’t take it amiss if you are unable to help or even respond, given your schedule.


    Richard Doetkott
    Professor of Communications
    Chapman University
    Orange, California


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