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From PRO file WO.208/4431, a British Military Intelligence file on Heinrich Himmler


Interrogation of Hilmar Adolf Gutgesell

13 Niedersachsen Intelligence Staff. NIS/13-17-0/H347, 2 April 1948

He was on personal staff of Himmler during 1938-41 and from 1942 until capitulation. ... Springer was a member of Himmler's personal body guard and came from Holstein. Gutgesell has no knowledge at all of any strong boxes or any collection of valuables that Himmler may have stored. Gutgsell states that he was in charge of the ante-room, receiving visitors etc., and rarely came into contact with Himmler.


Regional Intelligence Office.



Date 18.4.47

Martin Fälschlein, SS Stubaf, on Himmler's personal staff. At present interned in 6 CIC. Available for questioning on Himmler if required. (See File 827/15705).

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