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From PRO file WO.208/4211, X-P Reports. [Report]






Information received 29 May 45.

10. Herr Darré[*] tells an American Army Officer about Himmler's wife.


Darré: Himmler had a secretary named Brandt who fixed everything up for him. He had a man secretary, never a girl. But Wolf did have girls. He always had very pretty secretaries. There was a great turnover of them. And I have been told that there was a second woman who played a part im Himmler's life. I don't know any details.

A.A.O.: Is his wife still living?

Darré: She was still living, for Doenitz had her arrested. She could tell you many things which would interest me very much. This woman must know something about Himmler before he was active politically. I have a feeling she must have had him right in her hand. For the marriage did not make sense. The wife was ten years older and she was completely lacking in feminine charm. She dressed badly and was somewhat ungainly - bony, O-shaped legs.


* Richard Walther Darré, Reichsernährungsminister

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