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From PRO file WO.208/4211, a British Military Intelligence file
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[Conversation between Richard Walther Darré and Franz von Papen]

10 June 1945


Himmler's connections in the Far East

DARRÉ: Strangely enough Himmler had good connections in Asia. Personal relations, for instance with the brother of Emperor Hirohito.

Von PAPEN: Yes, he sat next to him on the grandstand during the Reichsparteitag.

DARRÉ: Yes, and if I remember correctly, he had a 3-hour private audience with Hitler away from all the officers. Furthermore he (Himmler) had peculiar connections with the Dalai Lama, very strange business; and with the Tartars in Mongolia, too.

Von PAPEN: He could become a Lama priest now, ha ha! Nobody would find him then.

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