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Himmler visits the Peenemünde rocket research sitePhoto: Himmler visits the Peenemünde rocket research site in 1943. From David Irving: The Mare’s Nest (London, 1965), and Deutsches Museum Munich, Peenmünde archives


Index to some items on Heinrich Himmler

Himmler MS by David Irving

His legal battles mostly behind him, David Irving has resumed work on Heinrich Himmler: 2,000 pages of handwritten draft already — including rightin an original Vienna prison ring-binder


Diaries of Heinrich Himmler (and wife)



Death of Heinrich Himmler [some items, for rest of items see special index on this topic]


Interrogations on Himmler

The Himmler decodes”

— a 100-page selection by David Irving of secret messages passed from 1941 to 1945 between Heinrich Himmler, his headquarters, and local police and SS commanders (in German; as decoded by British Intelligence)


Himmler and the “Final Solution of the Jewish Problem”


Magra Siegroth geb. Boden, wife of Heinrich Himmler: index on


Becher Loeffel 150
In 1938 Heinrich Himmler gave Göring’s daughter Edda this solid silver christening gift: SOLD through our website for $6,170


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