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Posted Saturday, March 6, 2004
Goebbels 1942 diary, an incriminating entry . . .
 . . . and what David Irving made of it in his biographies of Goebbels and Hitler

Goebbels diary, Mar 27, 1942, pages 19-22 (Bundesarchiv file NL.118/42). Dr Joseph GoebbelsThe passage was extensively wrangled over in the Lipstadt trial in 2000, on Days 4, 6, 24, 32 and especially Day 23. There is no doubt as to these pages' authenticity: the originals are in the Hoover archives' Goebbels collection at Stanford University; the microfilm of them (now NA film T84, roll 261) was made in New York in 1947; and David Irving also checked the microfiche copy made by the Nazis in 1944, in the Moscow archives where the microfiches have languished since 1945.

Translation by Richard Evans, of the Goebbels diary, March 27, 1942, commencing with the last line:

"The Jews are now being pushed out of the General Government,

Note that on line 8 Goebbels' stenographer Dr Richard Otte leaves a blank space for the name Odilo Globocnik, far right, for which he presumably intended to confirm the spelling.

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Völkischer Beobachter, Jan 31, 1939, reeports Hitler's "prophetic warning" to Jewry.

Globocnikbeginning near Lublin, to the East. A pretty barbaric procedure is being applied here, and it is not to be described in any more detail, and not much is left of the Jews themselves. In general one may conclude that 60% of them must be liquidated, while only 40% can be put to work. The former Gauleiter of Vienna [Globocnik], who is carrying out this action, is doing it pretty prudently and with a procedure that doesn't work too conspicuously. The Jews are being punished barbarically, to be sure, but they have fully deserved it. The prophesy [see VB newspaper headline below left] that the Führer issued to them on the way, for the eventuality that they started


a new world war, is beginning to realise itself in the most terrible manner. One must not allow any sentimentalities to rule in these matters. If we did not defend ourselves against them, the Jews would annihilate us. It is a struggle for life and death between the Aryan race and the Jewish bacillus. No other government and no other regime could muster the strength for a general solution of the question. Here too, the Führer is the persistent pioneer and spokesman of a radical solution, which is demanded by the way things are and thus appears to be unavoidable. Thank God, during the war we now have a whole series of possibilities which were barred to us in peacetime. We must exploit them. The ghettos which are becoming available in the General Government are now being filled with the Jews who are being pushed out of the Reich, and after a certain time the process is then to renew itself here. Jewry has nothing to laugh about...

Note: From the all-important sentence referring explicitly to "liquidated", conformist translators like Prof Richard ("Skunky") Evans like to leave out the word wohl (line 5) which means "perhaps" or "probably", no doubt because it tends to bring out that Goebbels is speculating, and does not know for certain.

Bob Johnson and Juliusz Jablecki ask questions about entries in the Goebbels diaries, used by conformist historians writing about the Holocaust


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