Spoke too Soon
Documents on David Irving's Expulsion from Canada


Canadian Jewish Agency

Boasts of Responsibility

for suppressing free speech

Extract from the Confidential Annual Report of the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada to the 1993 B'nai Brith Canada Convention by Professor Stephen Scheinberg (National Chairman) and Dr Karen Mock (National Director).
[Note the use of the standard phrase Holocaust Denier. This constant repetition is part of a technique first devised by Nazi propaganda minister Dr Joseph Goebbels.]

"BRITISH HOLOCAUST denier David Irving attempted to conduct one of his cross-Canada tours in 1992, but thanks in part to League* interventions, and excellent cooperation between a number of police agencies and government departments, Irving was arrested and deported.

" He is no longer permitted to enter Canada without ministerial consent. In both these cases, the League worked to warn the Immigration Department of these individuals' impending visit and provided information to government officials.

"Australian and South African Jewish communities have used materials provided by the League to lobby their governments for similar treatment of Irving."





[* i.e. the League of Human Rights of the B'nai Brith Canada, the principal Jewish organisation in Canada.]

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