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Anti-Semitic cartoon Left: anti-Semitic Nazi postcard, “The Boss” (IRVING COLLECTION / RASMUSSEN)


“Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world.” — Albert Einstein, in Collier’s Magazine, November 26, 1938



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on Possible Causes and Origins of the Ugly and Irrational Phenomenon known as anti-Semitism. Possible Answers, Diffidently Offered, to the Question, “Why Us?”


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THIS IS the foul children’s book produced by the presses of Julius Streicher, hanged at Nuremberg in 1946.
Eighteen-year old author Elwira Bauer penned a lengthy children’s poetry book (“a picture book for large and small”) entitled Trau keinem Fuchs auf grüner Heid und keinem Jud bei seinem Eid ( Stürmer Verlag, Nuremberg, 1936) — Trust No Fox on his Green Heath And No Jew on his Oath.
To see a fine English translation of this book, which was written in the German original in copperplate Sütterlin handwriting, see the German Propaganda archive of Calvin College, 3201 Burton SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, USA.
Very few copies of this work have survived. One is offered for sale on the website of Third Reich Auctions. at $3,500. squaregrey [Contact vendor]

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