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 Saturday, May 1, 2004
John DemjanjukIndex
on the Case of John Demjanjuk


 Prof. Alfred de Zayas on John Demjanjuk: Examining the human rights violations
 how the Israelis, American OSI, and West Germans collaborated to in a forgery in an attempt to hang an innocent man
  Demjanjuk fights back: sues U.S
  Demjanjuk timeline
  Excerpts From Ruling on John Demjanjuk, Nov 17, 1993
  Joseph Sobran on the 1993 acquittal of Demjanjuk
  27 Nazi-hunters of Office of Special Investigations (OSI) stalk 250 suspects
  Department of Justice again moves against Demjanjuk
  Demjanjuk "deeply saddened" by the government's latest filing
  OSI continues witchhunt
  Los Angeles Times on John Demjanjuk's ordeal: Nazi Saga Takes a New Turn
  A federal appeals court upheld Apr 30, 2004 a judge's decision to strip retired autoworker John Demjanjuk of U.S. citizenship
  US Justice Department's 27 Nazi-hunters of Office of Special Investigations (OSI) stalk 250 suspects

The downfall of his persecutor Neal Sher, caught with his hand in the till, disbarred for life:

 Revelation: Ex OSI chief Neal Sher, caught with hand in till, was sacked from Holocaust Commission: The Forward
  Obituary: Crooked Nazi-Hunter Neal Sher on Mossad chief Isser Harel
  What goes around Holocaust Museum and OSI chieftain Neal Sher dismissed from DC Bar for thieving (Eagleburger pleaded to let him off)
  Peter Worthington (Toronto Sun) applauds as OSI Nazi-hunter Neal Sher is Disbarred for Fraud and thieving
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