Documents on the Fight to Preserve the Right to Free Speech


Newspaper reports of un-English tricks to which the enemies of Free Speech resorted in their attempt to Stifle David Irving's Books

SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH the libellous smear report which it planted on foreign governments, late in 1991 enemies of free speech including agents of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, ruling authority of Britain's Jewish community, began a campaign of pressure against bookstores stocking David Irving's well-known books, resorting at times to methods of which Adolf Hitler's Nazi Brownshirts would have been proud. There were many reports of this in British provincial newspapers; the national press ignored the incidents.

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Portsmouth, England, Friday, January 31,1992

Hitler book is destroyed

A HITLER biography has been destroyed by a Portsmouth bookshop which has refused to sell any more.
Author David Irving persuaded staff at Volume One bookshop, in Arundel Street, to take a copy of his book Hitler's War when he visited Portsmouth.
The book caused outrage in the Jewish community because of its claims about the Holocaust.

London, June 12, 1992

'Irving' book store attacked


A Nottingham bookshop has withdrawn a book by Holocaust revisionist David Irving, after its front window was shattered by a brick last weekend.
A spokesman for the bookseller, Waterstone & Co, said local Jewish and anti-racist groups had complained about the sale of Mr Irving's book, Hitler's War, which claims Hitler did not order the Holocaust.
"We have acute problems in Nottingham and because of the strength of opposition to the book, we decided it was appropriate and prudent to withdraw it. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack."
However, the spokesman emphasised that the book was still available on request.
He added that Waterstone's, one of the country's largest book retailers. was unlikely to ban the book.

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June 19, 1992

Damage control
SPURNED EARLIER this year by the burghers of Worthing - the town's branch of WH Smith's forbade him from holding a book-signing session of his latest work Hitler's War there - David Irving, the maverick right-wing historian, has discovered that a second front has opened up against him in Portsmouth.
"There have been a variety of terror tactics and some windows have been smashed," says Irving. "Owners of one shop even burnt copies of my books."

With characteristic alacrity of thought, Irving concludes he is the victim of a campaign, "undoubtedly organised by a powerful international Jewish group". "It is proving costly to me because I pay for the damage," he adds. "Furthermore, it is not without coincidence that I was arrested and deported by armed Carabinieri when I flew in to Rome last week."
Ivan Lawrence, Tory MP for Burton and a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, listens with some detachment. Though condemning the vandals, he says: "if you'd lost your family in the gas ovens, and this man goes round saying it's untrue, you might lose your cool. And people do - and he should know that."

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