The International Campaignfor Real History
A thirty-five year Campaign of Terror and Smears

AFTER David Irving published his first book, The Destruction of Dresden, in 1963, a thirty-five year campaign of vilification began against him in the British and foreign press. He has always fought back.

London, Sunday, July 31, 1994

[12:05 pm]

Dear Mr Castan

I have been shown the text of a speech made by you on March 17, 1993 at the B'nai B'rith Centre in Melbourne in which you purported to translate a speech I made in Halle one November 9.

You committed a number of gross translating inaccuracies, which do not particularly concern me; you however also state: "And in his name he [Irving] puts up his hand: 'Sieg Heil!'" This is a particularly gross and offensive lie, and I must ask that you withdraw it in writing to me within four weeks.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving

To: Ron Castan, Melbourne,
past president,
Victoria Council of Civil liberties.


Copy to Ed Wall, Solicitor, Herdsman, WA.

Castan did not acknowledge this letter or reply.

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