Documents on the Australian Ban


David Irving reports that Scotland Yard formally confirms he has no Criminal Record


(The Australian prime minister had stated that Mr Irving's "criminal record" in the UK was one of the reasons for denying him a visa)

April 1997

To: Mr Edward Joseph Wall Ll.D.
Ed Wall Associates
2 Mahogany Court, Woodvale 6026
West Australia

00 619 409 9237 fax

Dear Ed,
MURRAY P. will be now have mailed to you a $2,000 cheque.[...].

2. We are therefore now in a position for your Melbourne associates to proceed to issue the Writ alleging Libel against John Howard for saying in the Melbourne radio broadcast, with intent that it should be repeated nation- and worldwide in the media, that I have criminal convictions in Britain, Canada, and Germany. We have seen his lawyers' unconvincing response. ó The ultimate objects of our action are (a) embarrass Howard; (b) obtain leverage over your government; (c) perhaps even obtain fresh grounds for entry (to fight the action); (d) to win (tho' I accept your opinion this is improbable).

3. To establish beyond doubt my lack of any criminal conviction in this country, I applied under Britain's Data Protection Act 1984 to Scotland Yard for a copy of any criminal records relating to me. There was a form that had to be filled out, and a fee paid; today I received the result ó they drew a blank on every possible front. I attach their reply.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving
81 Duke Street,
Grosvenor Square,
London W1M 5DJ
tel. 01 71 499 9409
fax. 01 71 409 7048


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